TOS ZNOJMO, akciová společnost, can offer you design works, functioning and cost calculation, manufacture and measurement of bevel sets of gears with straight or curved teeth. Bevel gears with curved teeth are oftyp Oerlikon a Gleason.

Mentioned bevel gears are used e. g. in gearboxes, machine-tools, axles of motor vehicles and similar applications.

Technical parameters:

  1. Bevel sets of gears with straight and curved teeth (Oerlikon a Gleason) in modul range from 2 upto 10 mm and of max. diameter 400 mm in milled and arrested – trapped design
  2. Bevel sets of gears with curved teeth (Gleason) in modul range from 2 upto 9 mm and of maximum diameter 320mm in grinded design

In manufacture of above mentioned bevel sets of gears are used following machines :

  • Hob milling machine for gears MODUL ZFTK 250/1, MODUL ZFTK 500x10, MODUL ZFTKK 500, MODUL ZFTKR 500, MODUL ZFKK 500/10, OERLIKON SKM 2, OERLIKON SM 3.
  • Trapping machines MODUL ZPLK 500/1, MODUL ZLK 500/1, OERLIKON SKL.
  • Testers OERLIKON SKT.
  • Grinding machine on curved gears of a typ Gleason KLINGELNBERG WNC 30.
  • Measure equipment KLINGELNBERG PNC 65.
  • Programme equipment KLINGELNBERG KIMOS.


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